There are many reasons to hire a professional to paint your home or office. Besides being more time efficient, hiring painting contractors ensures your project meets health codes, is properly prepped and cleaned up, and provides a professional finish. Rather than hassling with ladders, toxic fumes, and messy clean up, hire professional painters to get the project done quickly and skillfully!
Yes, our paint color consultant gives expert advice on what colors to choose. You also have the option to test sample house painting colors on your walls before making your final decision.
The length of a project varies. Most of the residential painting we do can be completed in less than a week, however we also have jobs which take upwards of two weeks. Commercial painting projects can take longer depending on the size of the building(s). Throughout the entire project, we make sure to keep you very informed of the timeline. If we think the project may take longer than expected, we let you know right away.
Yes, we offer commercial services all year long. We can paint exteriors and interiors of buildings including new construction, multi-family units, apartment complexes, condos, and more.
Painting is something that many people decide to take on by themselves. While it is possible to paint without specialty skills, professional painters offer many benefits. Painters have the right tools, know expert techniques and have extensive experience in painting, so they can provide a high-quality job with attention to detail. Their knowledge includes matching the paint to the job, so they will choose the right indoor paint finish for the needs of each space and the exterior paint that will withstand weather conditions and protect your building. In addition, hiring a company will save you the time and effort of doing the job yourself, so you can focus on your other responsibilities. However, if budget is an issue, you can paint your home yourself. Just make sure you consider how many hours its going to take and the cost of tools/paint. We dont recommend painting a commercial building yourself due to possible safety issues (multiple stories) as well as how big a commercial project usually is. If you do undertake a project of this magnitude, please be very, very careful.
We can paint any type and size of home or business. We do interior and exterior painting, as well as wood staining and sealing. We can handle walls, ceilings, siding and any type of structure, such as chimneys, shutters and steps.
If you have additional questions we did not answer, let us know. Contact us through the contact form on our website or give us a call today!

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